SATURDAY, MARCH 19TH from 2-4 pm at the Colonial Theatre in downtown Pittsfield.

Love Yourself is a community arts event to promote awareness and prevention of youth suicide. Now in its 3rd year, Love Yourself includes both an art show of 45 works of art including acrylic paintings on canvas, drawings and digital art. The event also features performing arts with music by Rachael Bentz and Grace Proskin, and original poetry by Jack Kelly and Rachael Bentz. Schuyler Durand will speak about his art zine “Neurodiversity and Gender Complexity”. Marney Schorr, Director of the Arts in Recovery for Youth program, will read excerpts from her upcoming book, DBT and Art for Youth Suicide Prevention: When Art Saves Lives, with Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

Love Yourself is a collaboration between the Arts in Recovery for Youth (AIRY) and Berkshire Theatre Group. Proceeds from the sale of artworks will benefit youth and suicide prevention. The event is put together by 14 teens and young adults from AIRY’s Expressive Arts Leadership Group which began in the winter of 2019 as part of the nationally-recognized and award winning, arts and skills based youth suicide prevention program, Arts in Recovery for Youth (AIRY). 

Teens and young adults focus on raising awareness about youth suicide prevention, social justice for the LGBTQIA+ community, and racial and economic justice in the Berkshires. Each year, guest mentors in the arts have worked with the teens and young adults to help them express their voice about what matters to them and the issues they face, as well as to help them organize their ideas for change. This year, they included Poetry Therapist, Marshall Lyles, Songwriter and Guitarist Bobby Sexton, and Music Instructor, Dave Brown. 

Arts in Recovery for Youth invites the community to attend and enjoy our show. For more info about the show visit Berkshire Theatre Group at This event is funded by the New England Grassroots Environment Fund and MCLA’s Student Mini Grant.

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