AIRY´s Book Release

DBT and Art for Youth Suicide Prevention: When Art Saves Lives

Marney Schorr is the author of the first international book about art therapy and youth suicide prevention being released with Jessica Kingsley Publishers in May 2022.

DBT and Art for Youth Suicide Prevention: When Art Saves Lives:(2022) is a book about the award winning program, Arts in Recovery for Youth (AIRY) sharing stories and artwork of teens and young adults recovering from suicidality. It is also a guide for helping professionals on how to integrate DBT-informed Art Therapy for youth suicide prevention into their practices.

Copies of the book are available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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Book Description:
Art therapy, when combined with skills training in dialectical behavior therapy, peer support and community engagement, can teach young people new ways to regulate intense emotions and urges associated with suicidality, build healthy peer relationships, and increase a sense of purpose and personal empowerment. Schorr exemplifies these practices through the The Arts in Recovery for Youth (AIRY) model – an art therapy model for reducing youth suicide, informed by research in suicidology and best practices in suicide prevention. Throughout the book, case-studies of DBT-informed art therapy are illustrated along with a variety of art therapy directives for use with young people. Chapters are included about the origins of art therapy, adolescent development and learning styles, the importance of social risk factors for suicide and the value of lived experience in recovery. Practical resources for practitioners include samples of program materials and ideas for professional self care.