When Art Saves Lives

Marney Schorr and Jessica Kingsley Publishers will soon be releasing the first international book about art therapy and youth suicide prevention, When Art Saves Lives: A DBT-informed Art Therapy Approach to Youth Suicide Prevention (2022).

When Art Saves Lives is a guide for helping professionals and community members that focuses on the AIRY model of implementing DBT-informed art therapy in youth suicide prevention. Both helpful and empowering, the book explores the background, theory, and use of art therapy with DBT as a successful intervention for teens and young adults struggling with suicidality. The book provides a comprehensive review of best practices in suicide prevention for the general reader, as well as research in suicidology, evidenced-based methods and art therapy directives for professionals. 100 pieces of artwork and stories of young people in the AIRY program are included as well as case studies and resources.

Please stay tuned for more details. To contact Marney or to reserve a copy of the book, please send an email to airyberkshires@gmail.com.