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All AIRY clients must have an ongoing primary clinician with whom to coordinate care, emergency contact, and support person (family or friend) for safety measures. Please contact Director, Marney Schorr to obtain a Referral Form at 


NUarts Studios and Gallery in Pittsfield MA, offers internships with Master’s level Art Therapist and Teaching Artist, Marney Schorr, for undergraduate college internship credits (1-3 credits per semester) in art therapy, including placements with Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) Studio Art and Arts Management programs and Springfield College’s Undergraduate Art Therapy Program.

If you would like to arrange an internship with your school, please contact Marney Schorr at


If you or your organization is interested in an AIRY training, please contact Director, Marney Schorr.   Please scroll below for more info:

Monday, October 19, 2020, 10 am – Noon
UPCOMING Online Workshop for Educators – 
A Creative Approach to the Trauma-informed Classroom in Response to COVID-19 with Marney Schorr
Description: As we embark on transitioning students from quarantine to the classroom, it is crucial that school staff are equipped with best trauma-informed practices so they can help students safely navigate the traumatic effects of COVID-19. In this workshop, participants will learn (1) how to recognize the signs of trauma in student behavior (2) how the brain processes trauma and how that effects learning (3) how to implement creative and simple evidenced-based interventions to help students self regulate and co-regulate back to safety (4) how to recognize and treat your own secondary traumatic stress by nature of your work.
  • Identify and explain at least one current model of traumatology that can be applied in educational settings
  • Learn and apply three ways that the brain processes trauma
  • Identify at least three traumatic aspects of COVID-19 for children and adolescents which affect social and emotional learning
  • Learn ways to talk safely and co-regulate a student toward safety via the social engagement system of the brain
  • Apply at least three evidenced based interventions to help students self regulate with movement and creative expression in or out of the classroom
  • Learn quick techniques to help students self soothe
  • Learn at least three evidenced based art directives which educators can implement in their curricula to help students cope with trauma
  • Identify the signs of Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS) in educational settings and learn how to monitor STS through self assessment and self care planning.
This workshop is led by Marney Schorr, Author, Adolescent Art Therapist & Teaching Artist, and Founding Director of Arts in Recovery for Youth (AIRY), an award winning and internationally recognized art- based youth suicide prevention program. For more info, please contact Marney Schorr at

November 5, 2020 from 10 am – 1 pm

10th Annual Expressive Therapies Summit New York – Online Workshop:  ¨Suicide Prevention with Young People: An Art Therapy Approach for All Clinicians¨ with Marney Schorr

DESCRIPTION: Youth suicide has become a global public health problem across the country and in response to COVID-19. Clinicians need to learn to recognize the symptoms and become part of the solution. In this 3-hour workshop, participants will learn about the triggers that are driving young people to suicide, and how an art therapy approach can be incorporated by all clinicians to save young lives. We will review the traumatic factors of the pandemic and some ways to help prevent youth suicide with trauma-informed art therapy directives. We will also review DBT-informed art therapy methods to resolve risk factors for suicide as outlined by suicidologists like Durkheim, Williams, Joiner, and Jobes. Through the lenses of social and emotional learning and creative youth development, art therapy directives will be introduced and practiced hands-on using expressive writing exercises and interactive drawing. Participants will also be shown digital media such as animatic film, music, and poetry by teens and young adults from the award-winning Arts in Recovery for Youth (AIRY) program. Participants will leave with a clear understanding of why so many young people are being lost to suicide, as well as be able to incorporate multiple effective art therapy treatment strategies into their daily practices. 

OBJECTIVES: (1) Identify three components of an evidenced based art therapy approach to youth suicide prevention. (2) Apply three theories in current suicidology for art therapy for youth suicide prevention. (3) Practice two hands on DBT-informed art therapy directives that target social and emotional risk factors for youth suicide.

To register, visit:

Arts in Recovery Symposium with Marney Schorr

April 2019
Berkshire Community College
1350 West St, Pittsfield MA
Koussevitzky Arts Center, Rm K-111
Curious about how the arts can help people recover? Join local Art Therapist, Author & Teaching Artist, Marney Schorr in this symposium at Berkshire Community College about the therapeutic benefits of art-making. Gain knowledge about the field of art therapy and how it is being used in youth suicide prevention in Berkshire County. Learn how you can help someone who is feeling suicidal and more about the award-winning Arts in Recovery for Youth (AIRY) program.Marney is the Founder/Director of AIRY, and recipient of the 2018 MA Statehouse award in excellence of leadership in suicide prevention. She is currently working with Jessica Kingsley Publishers on the first book about art therapy and youth suicide prevention in America.  She teaches, practices and supervises interns in art therapy at NUarts Gallery & Studios in downtown Pittsfield.
Learn more at and For event info, contact Melody Blass Fisher at 

Berkshire County Suicide Prevention Conference:
– April 5, 2019, Crowne Plaza, downtown Pittsfield.
Youth presentation with Hunter Schrade and Kiara Bresett from the AIRY program.
For more info or to register, go to the 2019 conference at:


Anna Maria College:
– March 25, 2019, 1-3 pm.
Lecture and presentation with film screening of the new AIRY documentary, Messages of Hope, Brown Out Pictures.

Springfield College:
 – December 11, 2018, Guest Lecture
 – November 13, 2018, Guest Lecture

Professional Development Workshop for Berkshire County Educators
Art Therapy Methods for the Classroom: Social and Emotional Development through the Arts’
November 6, 2018
Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield MA
Description: This workshop is designed for educators with an interest in using the arts to help youth develop social and emotional skills in a school setting. We will explore the therapeutic benefits of art for children and adolescents and how educators can contribute to making safe spaces for expression; examine social and emotional skills through sample art directives; and pull from dialectical behavior therapy topics such as managing emotions and use of sensory materials. The workshop also provides art ideas to promote self concept, social skills and peer support for adolescents. A brief review is provided of contemporary stressors affecting both students and educators. We end with a discussion of secondary traumatic stress and self care for teachers.

6 hour Masterclass with Marney Schorr:
Innovative Suicide Prevention Models, Art Therapy & DBT: Saving Adolescents & Young Adults
Executive Conference Center
1601 Broadway (enter on 48th Street)
Times Square, New York
Eligible for 6.0 Clock/Credit Hours: NBCC, ATCB; ASWB, APA, MFT, Nursing; SWNYS, LCAT, LMHC (New York state only) Not eligible for APT Credits.
Description:Suicide rates for females ages 15-19 are at a U.S. record high and remain on the rise for adolescents and young adults. How can we be part of the solution? What are the risk factors that the contemporary young person faces? An innovative suicide prevention model for use in art therapy is informed by the work of leading suicidology experts and dialectical behavior therapy.
In this 6-hour master class, we will explore how to incorporate suicide prevention in art therapy with protocols that target the ‘direct drivers’ for suicide researched by David Jobes and the interpersonal risk factors for suicide, such as ‘perceived burdensomeness’ and ‘thwarted belongingness,’ described and studied by Thomas Joiner.Experiential activities will include art therapy directives specific to adolescents and young adults at risk for suicide. These include metaphor in art; emotion characters that regulate through storytelling; the creation of symbols for dialectical thinking; and fostering a resilient identity with mask making.
Experiential activities will also include personal consciousness drawings for clinicians to help them manage the emotional residue of empathic engagement with suicidal clients. By collaborating with the suicide prevention community, expressive arts therapists and mental health professionals can better understand what drives suicidal youth and become better equipped to help save young lives.
Faculty Bio: Marney Schorr is an Art Therapist and Teaching Artist at NUarts Gallery & Studios and Executive Director of Arts in Recovery for Youth. She has a Master’s in Clinical Art Therapy and a Bachelor’s in Visual Art. Marney is a Lecturer for Empire State College and Springfield College, as well as an Internship Supervisor, a Peer Supervision Facilitator, and an Instructor at Berkshire Community College. She is an exhibiting fine artist in New York, New England, and the Berkshires.


Art therapists and other clinicians exploring suicide prevention through expressive art at the Expressive Therapies Summit, NYC, Oct 12.
‘When I think of suicide’ mandalas…

Empowerment Masks…

Emotion characters…