Art for Social Justice Project 2021

Art for Social Justice Project – Jan 7 – Feb 25, 2021 (Eight Thursdays)

This will be our second year doing the AIRY Expressive Arts Leadership program, an independent youth-driven expressive arts group. This year our topic is Art for Social Justice, using a variety of media (such as digital art, video, poetry, collage, drawing & painting, clay sculpture, songwriting and performing arts). Themes may include racism, oppression and justice, women’s rights, gender role expectations, societal stigma about mental health issues and rights of patients, LGBQTIA+ rights/equality, marginalized groups in society and minimization of youth voices, etc. Eight guest artists including Pops Peterson, Caroline Kelley, Katy Holt, and more, will be joining us to discuss their experiences and ideas about social activism in the art world and to mentor youth artists on this project. The Art for Social Justice Project will be showcased for the public in the Spring of 2021.

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